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Home is not just another car-wrap specialist on the market. No, we are different. Different than other companies, because we sell our wrap films also to private individuals, not only to companies.
Car-wrapping is to cover your car with a film, your car is coated in a giant vinyl sticker. The film is especially designed for this purpose, you can't compare it with a normal sticker.

We sell and use special selected quality film, no cheap junk. Thanks to the excellent colour retention and adhesiveness, our films are chosen by many professionals on the market. Our film has a glue line that covers 100 % of the film. Therefore, the film sticks on the car for a very long time, even on the most difficult points of the car. An additional advantage about our films is the standard width of 1.524 m. This enables us to wrap everything you ever dreamt of. Not just your car, we can wrap your fridge, furniture, toilet, Smartphone, ... even your mother-in-law, if that is what you dream about. Nothing is too crazy!

Discover a huge choice of colours in our webshop, and choose the type of finish you like: shine, matte tor carbonlook. Further, you can also purchase the necessary materials to wrap a car. Obviously, you can also buy the products necessary to prepare the paint of the car and products that will maintain the film.